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P2P-Radio 2.0

Windows Edition

This version runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP.

Download: With Installer (1.41 MB)
Source code (258 KB)

Java Edition

This version runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and many other operating systems.
To use the Java Edition of P2P-Radio, you need the Java Runtime Environment:

  • If you're using Mac OS X, you don't need to download anything: Java is included in Mac OS X.
  • If you're using Windows or Linux, you can download it for free.

Download: Without Installer (for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and others, 126 KB)
With Installer (for Windows, 340 KB)
Source code (203 KB)

Java Web Start Edition

Launch P2P-Radio (this works only if you have Java 1.4 or newer installed)

How to use Web Start for your own Station

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