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Shoutcast/Icecast Yellow Pages

You can take any stream listed on these pages as source for P2P-Radio.

Shoutcast Stream Directory
Icecast Stream Directory

Further Projects on the topic "Audio Streaming"

Stream~2~Stream (a fork of P2P-Radio)
PeerCast (Open Source)
Streamer (Free for non-commercial use)

Video Streaming

SCVI.NET - NSV Support & More!

Useful Programs

Oddsock DSP and many other tools
Icecast Server
Shoutcast Server
NSV (Nullsoft Video) tools
Streamsicle (MP3 server with web-based request form)
StreamRipper (saves streams to single MP3 files)

Descriptions of the Shoutcast Protocol


Ogg Vorbis Documentation

Official Ogg Vorbis Documentation

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