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Broadcasting with P2P-Radio

This document explains how you can create your own Internet radio station. The screenshots will help you to understand what must be done.

1. Download and install the needed Software


You can find the newest Icecast version on the Icecast Download Page.


If you don't have Winamp, or if your Winamp version is too old, get the newest version from the Winamp Download Page. Choose the "Full version".

Oddcast DSP for Winamp

Winamp alone can't broadcast. You need a Plugin called "Oddcast DSP". Download Oddcast DSP from the Oddcast DSP Download Page.

2. Change Icecast's Configuration

Please start Icecast, click on "Stop Server" and select "Configuration/Edit Configuration".

Please use this example configuration file: (Download: icecast.xml)







Please note that this configuration file is optimized for P2P-Radio. Media players running on remote computers cannot directly connect to Icecast with this configuration, they need to connect with P2P-Radio.

The port number 8000 may already be occupied on your computer. Give it a try, and choose a different number if Icecast shows an error message.

Save the file after you have made the changes, and click on "Start Server".

3. Select the Oddsock DSP Plugin

Start Winamp, and choose "Options/Preferences...". In the configuration window, select "DSP/Effect" on the left and the Oddsock DSP plugin on the right.

4. Change Oddsock DSP's Configuration

The Oddsock DSP plugin needs to know the name of your station and some more information. Click on "Add Encoder". Use the right mouse button to click on the text "Vorbis: Quality 0/Stereo/44100" and choose "Configure".

On the "Basic Settings" page, you have to change these settings:

  • Quality: Leave it at "0" to get a stream with about 8 KB/s, or enter a different value between -1 and 10. "-1" is for a stream with about 5 KB/s, which is better for listeners with slow Internet connections. Explanation of the quality setting
  • Server Type: Choose "Icecast2"
  • Encoder Password: Enter the same password as in the configuration file (it is "Password" if you didn't change it)

On the "YP Settings" page, you have to change these settings:

  • Public Server: Decide whether your station should be listed in the Stations List.
  • Stream Name: Choose a name for your station
  • Stream Description: Describe your station in a short and informative way
  • Stream URL: If your station has a homepage, enter its URL here. If not, leave this field blank.
  • Stream Genre: The genre of your station. Separate the different genres with spaces, e.g. "Pop Rock 80s".

5. Play good music

Everything that you play with Winamp will be broadcasted. Click on "Connect".

If the messages "Disconnected from server" or "Connecting in x seconds" appear, please check that you have entered the correct password.

6. Start P2P-Radio

Select "Broadcaster" and enter the following address: http://localhost:8000/stream.ogg

7. Done!

That's it! You are now a P2P-Radio Broadcaster!

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